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'Quite simply, the best tasting crepes...'






We offer the full range of services and products required to open and operate a creperie or dessert bar.
Millions of our crepes have been enjoyed in the UK and Europe since 1989.

Our Crepe Mix

Your customers expect a great product, so give them the best crepe mix

  • Our secret recipe has great flavour and the authentic French texture. Click here to see BBC food magazine Olive review.
  • 80% of crepe customers preferred our crepes to ones made using a Delia Smith recipe.
  • Just add water; no oil or flavouring needed.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Perfect for sweet, savoury and liqueur crepes.
  • Your customers will notice the improvement in quality = more repeat custom.
  • Made in the UK – yet we export it to France and Belgium.
  • Sold in Harrods! If it is good enough for them…

Our Equipment

Everything you need to start making crepes;

We manufacture our own crepe stations plus great-looking mobile handcarts.

Designed by people who have served crepes for many years, everything is included to make it easy for you to serve, manage and clean.

All equipment includes a Nutella warmer to make it easier and quicker to produce these perennial favourites, plus some free crepe mix to get you started.



£3795.00 plus vat

Price includes glass sneezeguard, 2 x Krampouz crepe machines, Nutella warmer, batter bottle, tool kit, 2 x gastronomes with lids, 5 x cases of crepe mix (makes up to 1000 crepes), delivery within UK.


Both models are heavy-duty stainless steel with a lockable wheel.

Suited to indoor and outdoor use.

£7995.00 plus vat

Price includes graphics, in-built crepe station, glass sneezeguard, 2 x Krampouz crepe machines, Nutella® warmer, batter bottle, tool kit, 2 x gastronomes with lids, 5 x cases of crepe mix (makes up to 1000 crepes), delivery within UK.

Store Design

We offer a full design, manufacture and installation service for kiosks and shops which can be done either using our Quick Crepes colour scheme and logo, or your own branding.

We can fulfil any requirement, from a simple stand-alone kiosk to a 100 seater restaurant to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your installation.

If you already have a catering outlet and want to simply add crepes to your menu, we can incorporate a complete crepe station to blend in with your existing layout.


We offer a  simple licence to assist you in setting up your own store. For a fee of £3,950 we offer full training, use of our branding and access to our ancillary products eg waffles, ice cream, mini pizzas, coffee, shakes.

We provide free Slush Puppie machines and lease coffee machines.

There are no on-going fees, just purchase our products.

For more information about what’s included and how to get started, please complete the contact form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Review: BBC Olive Magazine

“This Traditional Crepe Mix is based on an authentic French recipe and contains buckwheat, which gives it the classic crepe texture and flavour. Just add water, mix and get flipping!”

Janine Ratcliffe, BBC Olive Magazine